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GPA 4.0 Calculator

4.0 GPA Calculator

The most common GPA scale used by colleges and universities is a 4.0, unweighted scale.  In White Plains we actually use a 4.5, weighted scale.  This means that you receive 4.5 points for an A+ in an unweighted course.  Weighted courses employ a 1.3 multiplier.  Therefore, in an Honors, AP, Science Research or SUPA English course (the courses that are currently weighted at WPHS), you  actually receive a 5.85 for an A+ (4.5 X 1.3 = 5.85).  This means that when WPHS students compare their GPAs to what colleges list on their websites, they sometimes have trouble determining where they actually fall. 

You can use this 4.0 GPA Calculator to determine what your GPA would be using a 4.0, unweighted scale.  This is also the scale recommended by the College Board, and the one used by the Gates Millenium and other national scholarships.

When looking at colleges which are popular with our students, please remember to use the scattergrams included in Naviance.  These scattergrams are based upon our WPHS-specific data with our 4.5 weighted scale.  These are very useful when researching schools.  However, when a school hasn't had enough applicants from WPHS to generate a scattergram, having the 4.0 calculator can be really helpful.

If you need help or have questions, please speak with your counselor.