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Program Planning and AP/Honors

White Plains High School Honors and Advanced Placement Courses

Honors/Advanced Placement Courses

WPHS provides access to honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses to all students. Students currently in an AP or honors course may plan their academic program for the appropriate subsequent AP or honors course. Since honors and AP courses are rigorous, with increased expectations regarding the level of student work, conversations should take place between the student, parent, and school counselor to determine if placement in one or more of these courses is in the best interest of the student. Students will, however, still be required to have taken prerequisite courses where applicable. Please note that our dual enrollment courses taken for college credit from Westchester Community College, SUNY Albany, Syracuse University, Marist College and Rochester Institute of Technology have specific prerequisites which can be found in the course description. 



Program Planning:

Students must complete program planning survey before they meet with their school counselors. Links to the surveys are below (Please Note: Students must login to Office 365 to complete the survey):




White Plains High School Program Planning Calendar

During the month of March, counselors will be pushing into classes to review the Program Planning process. 

 Students meet with counselors to select courses for 2023-2024 school year. During Program Planning students will:

  • Students will choose core courses they would like to take for next year
  • Students choose electives, which can be supplemental courses in the above departments and/or courses in business, the arts, music, technology or physical education.
  • Students must provide at least three elective choices in case we cannot schedule their first or second choice.
  • In addition to other elective choices, all juniors and seniors must provide three choices for P.E.
  • Students should make their selections carefully. Once they have put in a request for a course, if we are able to schedule it, they are obligated to take it.
  • Parents/Guardians should receive a copy of their child’s program planning sheet including all core and elective course requests. Please sign and return that form to your child’s counselor.
  • If you disagree with a course that has been selected or have any questions, please call your child’s counselor.
  • If you wish to meet with your child’s counselor during program planning, please schedule an appointment.

*If your child has not brought home his or her program planning sheet for your signature, please call your child’s counselor.