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Freshman Student Program Planning Worksheet

2023-2024 Program Planning - Freshman Student Worksheet

Name: ______________________________________________ Current Grade Level: ___8___

Counselor: __________________________________________

The following information will help your counselor help you prepare for your future.

Post-Secondary Goals

Please list your potential college major(s) and/or career plans:



Please list any colleges/universities that you believe that you might wish to apply to as a senior in high school:



Electives/Alternates for 2023-2024

Please list the electives that you would like to take in the 2023-2024 School Year. Please list at least four full year or six half-year electives (or a combination of the two) in order of preference. No more than two of them can be art classes. Please be sure to indicate for each elective if it is a one-semester or full-year course.

First Choice Elective:________________________________________ _____ One-Semester _____ Full-Year

Second Choice Elective:_____________________________________ _____ One-Semester _____ Full-Year

Third Choice Elective:_______________________________________ _____ One-Semester _____ Full-Year

Fourth Choice Elective: _____________________________________ _____ One-Semester _____ Full-Year

Fifth Choice Elective: _______________________________________ _____ One-Semester _____ Full-Year

Sixth Choice Elective: _______________________________________ _____ One-Semester _____ Full-Year

Seventh Choice Elective: ____________________________________ _____ One-Semester _____ Full-Year

Eighth Choice Elective:______________________________________ _____ One-Semester _____ Full-Year

Please list any questions or concerns that you have regarding your course selections for 2023-2024